Warmth and hospitality run through the blood of Vincelles vintners.
Champagne H.BLIN is proud to continue this long-standing tradition, creating special reception and tasting areas for our visitors and clients.

The reception cellar


Not only can you discover and taste H.BLIN’s full product range, but you’ll also learn about the history of the cooperative and the various steps in the champagne production process. There is also a parcel featuring all seven grape varieties used in champagne at the welcome centre. Don’t miss the opportunity to rediscover our heritage varieties.

The wine vault


With an astonishing collection of old vintages (from 1982 onwards), we can offer our clients a selection of truly exceptional bottles. We keep a stock of some 10,000 bottles, and these bear witness to the flavours, aromas and character of our wines from decades gone by. Some vintages are available to buy, while others are for tasting only.

open day


Every year, at the beginning of December, we hold an open day as part of the “Ronde des Caves” cellar tour (9 cooperative cellars from various winemaking regions are present, plus several local food producers). It’s a great opportunity to come and discover our whole range of excellent champagne and have fun in the run-up to Christmas.


The reception and tasting area


Located among the vines, this space is also open to our clients (by appointment only). Sitting atop the hills of Vincelles, this open-air space overlooks the Marne Valley and gives you an opportunity to discover fifteen villages while enjoying our champagnes paired with delicious food. It’s simply wonderful to enjoy some fine food and drink out in the country, getting back to the true Champagne values of friendship and authenticity.

Of course, Champagne H.BLIN is proud to be part of a number of major trade shows and events


In France: Equip’Hotel Paris, Sirha Lyon, Serbotel Nantes (in partnership with the Association des Maîtres Restaurateurs), Agecotel Nice, Tasting Bordeaux, Paris, Lyon (Terre de Vins), Ronde des Caves (9 winemaking regions), Foire de Châlons and various trade competitions (Mystery Basket, etc…).

Export shows:

Prowein (Dusseldorf), various “Business France” or “World’s Leading Wines” shows in Brussels, Copenhagen, etc… Many trade shows in the United Kingdom (London, etc.), the USA (New-York, Chicago, Los Angeles etc …), Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto, Nagoya etc …) and many more.


Champagne H.BLIN is proud to be a partner of the Association des Maîtres Restaurateurs (a federation of 4,000 restaurants in France awarded by the State and which are committed to quality home-cooked food) since 2015. This partnership is based on a shared ethos of craftsmanship, a commitment to hard work, quality, traceability and humanity. Each year, more and more new partners join the association, many of whom are proud to stock H.BLIN champagne. We’ve even bottled a special edition, made for the members of the Association des Maîtres Restaurateurs.